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Welcome to the New York Journal


Aidan McCloy - Sports Editor
Caley Griffith - Sports Photographer

Will Foster - Entertainment Editor
Lys Trahern - Theater Columnist
Adam McCormack - Music Columnist
Noel Foster - Entertainment Photographer (NPC)

Matthew Bryson - Metro Editor
Elizabeth Usher - Columnist

Ellie Brewer - Political Correspondent (on hiatus)
Noah MacNamara - Business Correspondent (on hiatus)
Dr. Ben Ferguson - Medical Columnist
Gabe Crichton - Editorial Columnist (on hiatus)
Tawnie Sinclair - Advice Columnist

Marti Brereton - Copy Editor
Aileen Foster - Part-Time Temp

Ciaran McCloy - musician
Elaine McCloy - musician
Davin McCloy - BABE MAGNET
Keith Ryan - musician
Aric Blythe - Psychologist

This is a freeform RPG; characters are represented by these actors' faces, but have nothing to do with the actors themselves. What, you think Ewan McGregor's moonlighting as a journalist? *scoffs*

OOC community is aspogak: for fics, photos, and general babble.

Interested in joining the game? Contact thieving_gypsy for further details.